Are stuck, frustrated or not sure what to do next?

We all get stuck!

We may not like it, but the path to success is NEVER straight. Everyone has obstacles – but the trick is to figure out how to overcome them.

Knowing how to lose weight is one thing, figuring out how to make effective yet sustainable changes to your lifestyle is something much harder. 

It can be challenging to do this by yourself.

Look at any high achiever – professional athletes, CEOs, nonprofit leaders – what do they all have in common? They all have faced obstacles and they all used coaches or mentors to help them get back on track and succeed.

Everyone can benefit from coaching, including you!

As a health & fitness coach for the past 17 years, I’ve learned the common roadblocks people face and have developed a skillset that allows me to help people get back on the right track. 

You might be struggling but that fact that you’re reading this page means you are not a quitter…you’re a weight loss detective with big dreams for yourself! 

The fact that you’re stuck does not mean you’re failing. On the contrary – it means you’re making progress. You’re pushing your boundaries into uncharted territory. You just need someone to help you navigate this new territory and help you formulate a plan to keep you moving forward.

Which is why, exclusively for members of Crack Your Code HQ, I’m opening up my schedule for a few hours per week for “I’m Stuck” coaching sessions. 

We will meet virtually, 1-on-1 for 30 minutes and figure out what’s holding you back and create a plan that will help you bust through your roadblock and move forward! 

The price per 30 minute session is $49.

If you feel that a 30 minute coaching session is right for you, follow the steps below to reserve a spot.

  • Fill out form below

  • If I think I can help, I will send you my calendar and then purchase a session. If not, I’ll give you my thoughts and where you could go to find the answers you’re looking for.

  • I will send you some things to think about prior to the session so you come prepared to get the most value out of the session as possible. 

  • At the end of the session, you’ll receive a “Replay sheet” summarizing key points from our conversation. It will also contain key clues, that you may want to explore in addition to what was discussed during the session.